Gate Aster V2 SE Lite + Quantum Trigger Rear Wired

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Aster V2 SE is a development version of the previous system. Top quality and reliability while maintaining an attractive price. The system is designed for tuning replicas equipped with Gearbox V2 - both tuned replicas and stock replicas!

Aster characteristics:

- no USB-Link required for installation and configuration
- new trigger detection algorithm
- high trigger sensitivity
- 60 settings per 1mm of trigger movement
- additional protection against tampering thanks to a multi-layer PCB
- Automatic Pre-Cocking
- Low / Mid / High settings
- Compatible with brushless motors
- Unlimited trigger sensitivity adjustment
- Improved cycle detection
- Active brake: Adaptive / 100% / 60% / Brushless Motor / OFF
- resistance to reverse polarity
- Quantum Trigger included
- Trigger programming
- the ability to set most important functions
- Using USB-Link or Blu-Link, you can configure advanced functions, perform software updates, run diagnostics or use the GCS application
- Lowest power consumption on the market
- only 0.29 mA in deep sleep mode - Possibility of using a mechanical trigger loc

For a comprehensive description of all functions, please visit the manufacturer's website:

The set includes:

- Aster V2 SE module
- Installation kit
- Quantum Trigger
- Instruction

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